Being a counsellor is an incredibly rewarding career – not only do you get to help others, but you also have the opportunity to explore your own emotional and altruistic boundaries. In this blog, we’ll delve into the unique experience of being a counsellor and look at the ways in which this profession can bring hope and positivity to those dealing with difficult issues. Whether you’re considering becoming a counsellor, or simply want to gain an insight into the life of one, read on to discover the inspiring journey of a counselling therapist.

As a counselling therapist, you are tasked with helping people through some of the most difficult times in their lives. This can be an emotionally challenging role, but it is also an incredibly rewarding one. You have the opportunity to help people who are dealing with a wide range of issues, from relationship problems and mental health issues, to grief and loss. counselling can be an incredibly powerful tool, and as a counsellor, you have the ability to help people find hope and healing.

There are a few key things that make being a counselling therapist such a unique and rewarding experience. Firstly, you get to build close relationships with your clients. This allows you to really get to know them as individuals and understand their unique needs. Secondly, you get to witness the remarkable strength and resilience of the human spirit. Often, it is when people are facing their darkest moments that they show their true strength and courage. And finally, you get to be a part of someone’s journey towards hope and healing. counselling can be a life-changing experience, and as a counsellor, you get to play a vital role in that process.

If you’re considering a career in counselling, or simply want to gain a deeper

understanding of what it’s like to be a counselling therapist, then this blog is for you. Read on to discover the unique experience of being a counselling therapist and the ways in which this profession can bring hope and positivity to those dealing with difficult issues.

A recent study has shown that people who spend more time on social media are more likely to be depressed. This is not surprising, as social media can be a breeding ground for negative comparison and self-doubt. It’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others when we see their highlight reel on social media.
We only see the best of what they’re sharing, and it’s easy to forget that everyone has bad days and struggles. When we compare ourselves to others, we’re often comparing our worst to their best.
This is not a fair comparison, and it can lead to feelings of inadequacy and depression.
If you find yourself comparing yourself to others on social media, try to remember that you’re only seeing one side of the story. Everyone has flaws and struggles, and you’re not seeing the full picture when you’re only looking at social media.

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